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Tips for Packing

  • Order Boxes as soon as possible or pick them up from your local home improvement store. Ask your BLVD representative about the sizes and thickness that best suit your needs.

  • You may leave light clothing in dresser drawers for local (same day moves) only. All drawers must be empty for any long distance moves.

  • Boxes should be 50lbs or less (exceptions are fine)

  • Pack books and heavy items in small boxes or plastic bins.

  • Pack all clothing, linens, unbreakable items and toys in medium and large boxes.

  • Fill boxes completely full and tape well. We stack these and we want them to be sturdy.

  • Mark the top of the box indicating contents, Mark the side of the box indicating the room to which you want the boxes to go.

  • Use un-printed news or packing paper (not newspaper) for most china and fragile item packing. Use small bubbles (wrap) for large vases or bowls or any oversize fragile item.

  • Create a bedding of paper on the bottom of any fragile box and use paper in between wrapped items. You should never hear any clanking sounds, which would indicate insufficient packing.

  • Ask your BLVD representative about wardrobes if they’re not already included. These are not only useful for hanging clothing but equally efficient for last minute loose items, bedding, pillows etc…from the morning of the move.

  • When packing electronics, try and use the original boxes otherwise ask BLVD to pack it for you. You can always call us and ask us to pack additional items.

  • Get EVERYONE involved, create a task list and packing schedule that best fits your house staging, sale and ultimate move out date. This will again keep stress levels down.

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